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2022 will mark the debut of The Chili Knockout & Spicy Food Festival. We have taken the time to lay out some of the questions asked as we turn up the heat on New York Ave. 

If you don't see your question answered below, please email or message us on Facebook.



The 2022 Chili Knock out will take place at 114 S. New York Ave Atlantic City, New Jersey (across from Bourre). 


The 2022 Spicy Food Festival entrance fee is $25 for those interested in being Chili Judges per person and $15 for those who don't want to taste and judge but want to be a part of the experience. The entertainment roster is included with your festival admission, which we are finalizing now. In addition, you will be granted access to all of the demos and some extracurricular components also included in the admission price, which are finalizing as we speak.

What if it rains?

Are you made of sugar and worried about melting? The Spicy Food Fest is RAIN OR SHINE! A little rain may cool your pallets.


Is the food really that spicy? 

Well, it's a spicy food fest, so, YEAH, it's F—kin spicy! But just because it's spicy doesn't mean it's not tasty. Know your tolerance for spicy foods, and you should be fine.


Is there other food that isn't spicy? 

Yes. There will be a variety of foods from all of the restaurants that don't have much of a kick. 

The restaurant menus will be 80% spice. 

           Side note: Please ask about any ingredients that may be in a dish if you have food sensitivities. Restaurants and the spicy food fest are not responsible for any allergic reactions.


Is there re-entry?

Yes. Your ass may burst into flames at any given second, and you may need to run for your life and dignity. However, once you change your pants, you will 100% be able to re-enter.


What's your bag policy?

Well, you'll need a place for your Alka-Seltzer, wet wipes, and weed, so yeah, bags are permitted but subject to search. (FYI, there's a good chance staff will bogart your stash)



Yes, the Chili Knock out is a pet-friendly event for well-behaved pets. All pets must be on a leash at all times while inside of the Festival grounds, and of course, all pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.


Are Children Permitted?

Sure, if you want to ruin a perfectly good day out. Well-behaved children under 12 are free. Kids with a tendency to miss behave are $150 each. 


There is a large variety of parking around the area. 

Check out Social Media for updates. 


What are your covid policies?

The festival is outdoors in the fresh air. We do not require vax cards to enter. Masks are not required. Please refrain from licking strangers as spicy as they may appear.   

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